Junax, Thread by Thread

Junax, hilo por hilo

Victoria is a young woman from a Mayan community in Chiapas, Mexico’s poorest state. As an indigenous woman, she faces different challenges in order to survive in a disadvantaged community where gender biased beliefs are commonplace. Nonetheless, Victoria challenges all stereotypes by leading an all-female collective around the ancient tradition of back-strap weaving, enabling women to earn a living. Meanwhile, Arabelle, an orphan niece of Victoria, is growing up. How will Arabelle’s story be embroidered upon the tale Victoria is weaving for her? A story of women’s rights, indigenous emancipation and a continuous battle to escape poverty.

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Direction: Ambra Reijnen, Rubi Tobias
Production Country: The Netherlands
Production Year: 2019
Duration: 88'
Contact: Promono Multisensory Productions, Cyril Reijnen, creijnen@cordeo.com