Venus in the Garden

Η Αφροδίτη στην αυλή

It’s the heat of Grecian summer. After a chance encounter, a female pimp, Monika (Athena Mathiou), and one of her male prostitutes, Nikos (Alexandros Vardaxoglou), invite Alan (Stavros Svigos) to stay with them in a crumbling mansion. In-between theatre castings, erotic photoshoots and card games, love entangles the trio in an unpredictable, impossible situation. Sometimes Nikos’s arms disappear like the statue of Venus. A lush, illusory film, a decadent but bare portrait of an unstable reality, undefined outside of character and tricky within that. Much of the film takes place on a black soundstage, characters posed in mannered positions and configurations, an archly theatrical mirror to the supposed reality of the summer house. Which, if either, is the reality, remains a mystery.
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Direction: Telémachos Alexiou
Script: Telémachos Alexiou
Cinematography: Tim Schenkl
Editing: Assaf Hochman, Telémachos Alexiou
Sound: Clement Atlan, Damien Grélier
Actors: Athina Mathiou, Alex Vardas, Stavros Svigos
Production: Chocolate Grinder Films Berlin
Producer/Producers: Telémachos Alexiou, Ilektra Kalaitzaki
Art Direction: Telémachos Alexiou
Costumes: Τina Tsoukala
Format: Digital File
Color: Color/B&W
Production Country: Greece, Germany
Production Year: 2012
Duration: 62΄
World Sales: Chocolate Grinder Films Berlin,

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