Îles Flottantes

Îles Flottantes

Three women in their thirties long to change their lives, but they do so in the wrong way. Sasha starts a relationship with a weird man who hits her. Isa tries to promote her paintings, but her sudden breakup with Kristof transfixes her in sorrow. Kaat, who had an affair with Kristof, also breaks up with her partner to indulge in the comfort of self-pity. A painful, yet cathartic meandering in the labyrinths of a woman’s soul and the contradictions of female friendship, that ends ups in a bittersweet conclusion: No matter how floating, no (wo)man is an island.
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Direction: Nanouk Leopold
Script: Nanouk Leopold
Cinematography: Benito Strangio
Editing: Katharina Wartena
Sound: Ferry de Pater, Antoin Cox
Music: Harry de Wit
Actors: Maria Kraakman, Manja Topper, Halina Reijn Kuno Bakker, Jacob Derwig, Leopold Witte, Aat Ceelen, Annemarie Prins, Richec Tourbais
Production: Circe Films
Producer/Producers: Stienette Bosklopper
Co-production: Motel Film, VPRO Television
Art Direction: Diana van de Vossenberg
Costumes: Manon Blom, Ingrid Schagen
Camera: Benito Strangio
Make Up: Marjon Hoogendoorn
Format: 35mm
Color: Color
Production Country: Netherlands
Production Year: 2001
Duration: 82΄
World Sales: Circe, daya@circe.nl
Awards/Distinctions: Film Poster Award, Prize of the City of Utrecht – Netherlands FF 2001

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