Solitary Fragments

La Soledad

Adela, a woman in her thirties and single mother of a young boy, moves from a small Spanish village to Madrid, in hope of a new, more liberated life. She shares a big apartment with a much younger couple, Carlos and Ines, who is in turn the younger daughter of a family who is united by a strong metrearchical figure. A constellation of people who try to test new models of co-existence and kinship, sensing that we are all designed to suffer and overcome suffering.
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Direction: Jaime Rosales
Script: Jaime Rosales, Enric Rufas
Cinematography: Oscar Duran
Editing: Nino Martinez
Sound: Eva Valiño
Actors: Sonia Almarcha, Petra Martínez, Miriam Correa, Nuria Mencia, María Bazán
Production: Fresdeval Films, Wanda Vision, In Vitro Films
Producer/Producers: Jaime Rosales, José Mª Morales, Ricard Figueras
Art Direction: Ion Arretxe
Costumes: Eva Arretxe, Asun Arretxe
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Spain
Production Year: 2007
Duration: 130΄
World Sales: The Match Factory,
Awards/Distinctions: Best Film, Best New Actor, Best Director – Goya Awards 2008

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