Florianopolis Dream

Sueño Florianópolis

A middle-aged couple and their teenage children set off from Argentina to Brazil to enjoy what might be their last vacation as a family – as the parents are separated after many decades of marriage. As they’re immersed into the beauty of the picturesque landscape and the warmth of random encounters, young and older heroes learn from scratch the meaning of life that listens to desire. A healing film about summer carelessness, which is not just warmest time of the year, but a conscious way of living.
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Direction: Ana Katz
Script: Ana Katz, Daniel Katz
Cinematography: Gustavo Biazzi
Editing: Andrés Tambornino
Sound: Jesica Suarez
Music: Maximiliano Silveira, Beto Villares, Erico Theobaldo, Arthur de Faria
Actors: Mercedes Morán, Gustavo Garzón, Marco Ricca, Andrea Beltrão, Manuela Martinez, Joaquín Garzón, Caio Horowicz
Production: Campo Cine, Prodigo Films
Producer/Producers: Nicolás Avruj, Beto Gauss, Camila Groch, Diego Lerman, Ana Katz, Francesco Civita
Co-production: Groch Filmes, Laura Cine, Bellota Films
Co-producer/Co-producers: Dominique Barneaud, Adrien Oumhani
Art Direction: Gonzalo Delgado
Costumes: Sandra Fink, Diogo Costa
Executive producer: Nicolás Avruj, Camila Groch, Beto Gauss
Camera: Rafael Minari
Make Up: Britney Federline
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Argentina, Brazil, France, Spain
Production Year: 2018
Duration: 106΄
World Sales: Film Factory Entertainment, info@filmfactory.es
Awards/Distinctions: Best Actress, FIPRESCI Prize, Special Prize of the Jury - Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (2018)

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