A portrait of an artist as a middle-aged man: A famous painter, to whom everyone refers by his last name, is comfortable in dealing with human figures and their desires on his canvas. However, in everyday life he struggles with accepting that his ex-wife is expecting someone else’s baby, as well as reaching the heart of his cherished, melancholic young daughter. An existential study – adorned with brushstrokes of absurdism – on the hollow, yet overpowering loneliness of the creative spirit, which crashes with reality.
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Direction: Federico Veiroj
Script: Federico Veiroj
Cinematography: Analía Pollio, Arauco Hernández Holz
Editing: Manuel Rilla, Fernando Franco
Sound: Daniel Yafalián
Music: Leo Masliah, Gervasio Tarragona & Javier Bezzato, Rafael Bonavita, Diane Denoir & Eduardo Mateo, Pedro Dalton & Buenos Muchachos, Carlos Gardel & Alfredo Lepera, Orquesta Juvenil del Sodre
Actors: Gonzalo Delgado, Olivia Molinaro Eijo, Tomås Wahmann, Jeannette Sauktesliskis, María Noel Gutiérrez, Ramiro Pallares, Alejandro Castiglioni, Pedro Dalton, Marcelo Fernández, Enrique Aguerre, Giselle Motta, Rodolfo Vidal, Gabriela Pelenur, Toe Gillman, Martín Reyes, Cecilia Jeske
Production: Cinekdoque, Nadador Cine
Producer/Producers: Federico Veiroj, Juan José López
Co-production: Corazón Films, Ferdydurke Films
Co-producer/Co-producers: Sandro Halphen, Eckerhard Von Damm, Fernando Franco, Charles Barthe
Art Direction: Nicole Davrieux, Alejandro Castiglioni
Costumes: Valentina Luque
Executive producer: Federico Veiroj, Juan José López, Sandro Halphen, Pedro Barcia, Eckerhard Von Damm, Carla Farrell, Elisa Salinas
Sets: Nicolás Pequera
Make Up: Rocío Mattos
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Uruguay, Spain, Mexico
Production Year: 2018
Duration: 75΄
World Sales: Meikincine Entertainment,

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