The Harvesters

Die Stropers

Free State region in South Africa is an isolated stronghold to the Afrikaans white ethnic minority culture – the culture of the ancestors of the Dutch colonizers. Janno is an introvert teenager who grows up in this so-called “bible belt,” in a conservative farming territory. When his fiercely religious mother brings home Pieter, a hardened street orphan she wants to “save,” she asks Janno to make this stranger into his brother. A modern, ghostly parable about the youth that lives in the shadow of Apartheid, struggling with the obsession with masculinity and the question of patrimonial heritage.
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Direction: Etienne Kallos
Script: Etienne Kallos
Cinematography: Michal Englert
Editing: Muriel Breton
Sound: Leandros Ntounis, Thomas Robert, Jean-Guy Veran
Music: Evgueni Galperine, Sacha Galperine
Actors: Brent Vermeulen, Alex van Dyk, Juliana Venter, Morne Visser
Production: Cinema Defacto, Spier Films, Heretic, Lava Films
Producer/Producers: Giorgos Karnavas, Konstantinos Kontovrakis, Sophie Erbs,Τom Dercourt, Thembisa Cochrane, Michael Auret, Mariusz Wlodarski
Co-production: ERT SA
Art Direction: Barri Parvess
Costumes: Chantelle Burger
Executive producer: Lwazi Manzi, Annette Fausbøll, Julien Favre, Jean-Alexandre Luciani
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: South Africa, Greece, France, Poland
Production Year: 2018
Duration: 106΄
World Sales: Pyramide International,

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