Sunrise in Kimmeria


59th TIFF: World Premiere

Skevos and his family are in debt to a local loan-shark, and Skevos works hard to pay him back. When a strange object, tracked by an international intelligence agency, crashes into his field, inside a UN controlled area, his debtor offers to cut 10% off Skevos’s debt if he takes the object to him.

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Direction: Simon Farmakas
Script: Simon Farmakas
Cinematography: Vladimir Subotic
Editing: Aliki Panagi
Sound: Christos Kyriakoulis
Music: Adonis Aletras
Actors: Kika Georgiou, Athos Antoniou, Androula Irakleous, Antonis Katsaris, Lenia Sorokkou, Andreas Melekkis, Chris Greko, Tim Ahern, Peter Brooke, Kieron Jecchinnis
Production: Fotocine Studios Ltd.,
Producers: Antonis Farmakas, Stefanos Farmakas
Co-production: Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus
Costumes: Katerina Ttakka
Sets: Lisa Tsouloupa
Make Up: Evi Zafeiropoulou
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Cyprus
Production Year: 2017
Duration: 119΄
Contact: Fotocine Studios Ltd,

Simon Farmakas

Simon Farmakas is a Cypriot writer and film director. He has twice won the Best Cypriot Film Award and has flourished in cypriot and international filmmaking since the participation of his first short film, Airport for Sale, at the 53rd Oberhausen Film Festival in 2007. His father was a pioneer filmmaker, mostly working in television and cinema commercials.


2007 Airport for Sale
2009 Absent
2011 Stahia
2017 Sunrise in Kimmeria