Skate Kitchen

Skate Kitchen

The life of a shy teenage girl from Long Island, whose only friend is her skateboard, changes for good when she meets an all-girl crew with the same passion, wandering in vogue around the world of adults. A female director reads in many ways and with an incredible sense of rhythm the meaning of balancing in a male-dominated world – both in cinema and in the streets of NY – as she works closely with a real collective named Skate Kitchen; other than its photogenic posts on their Instagram page, the group is generous in giving us doses of authentic camaraderie.
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Direction: Crystal Moselle
Script: Aslihan Unaldi, Crystal Moselle, Jennifer Silverman
Cinematography: Shabier Kirchner
Editing: Nico Leunen
Sound: Coll Anderson, Christopher Schneider, Max Bowens, Dan Bricker, Dylan Goodwin
Music: Aska Matsumiya
Actors: Rachelle Vinberg, Dede Lovelace, Nina Moran K, Abrina Adams, Ajani Russel, Jules Lorenzo, Brenn Lorenzo, Hisham Tawfiq, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Jaden Smith, Alexander Cooper, Juan Nisvis, Nico Hiraga, Cj Ortiz, Karim Callender, Judah Lang, Kai Monroe, Tashiana Washington, Javier Nune
Production: Bow and Arrow Entertainment, RT Features
Producer/Producers: Lizzie Nastro, Izabella Tzenkova, Crystal Moselle, Julia Nottingham, Rodrigo Teixeira, Michael Sherman, Matthew Perniciaro
Co-producer/Co-producers: Alliah Sophia Mourad
Art Direction: Fletcher Chancey (Production Design), Ramsey Scott (Art Director)
Costumes: Maria Mladenova, Mariana Guerrero, Heather Luscombe, Hannah Lacava
Executive producer: Lourenco Sant' Anna, Sophie Mas, Thomas Benski
Sets: Britni West, Nora Mendis
Camera: Sarah "Charlee" Harrison, Adam Derezendes, Kevin Steen, Scott Terranova
Make Up: Anouck Sullivan, Kristen Alimena
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: USA
Production Year: 2017
Duration: 105΄
World Sales: Charades,
Awards/Distinctions: Grand Jury Award Honorable Mention – L.A. Outfest 2018

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