Don't Lean out of the Window

È pericoloso sporgersi

Soldier Horatio dreams about having sex. Cristina, still in high school, has nothing against that, but not before they become engaged. It's a matter of principle! But when would-be actor Dino starts making moves on her… it's a whole different story. Her glorious resistance doesn't last very long; however, that night, Dino is not in top form. Three lives told in three parts, where the same story is told from a different point of view – like a comical version of Kurosawa’s Rashomon, where all the crimes and thefts are committed in the grip of sexual frustration. There are indeed days when one would rather have to deal simply with the usual routine...

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Direction: Nae Caranfil
Script: Nae Caranfil
Cinematography: Cristian Comeagă
Editing: Victoriţa Ene
Sound: Anuşavan Salamanian
Music: Nicolae Caranfil, Anton Şuteu
Actors: Marius Stănescu, Nathalie Bonifay, George Alexandru, Florin Călinescu, Valentin Teodosiu, Magda Catone, Virgil Andriescu, Florin Zamfirescu
Production: Filmex, Companie des Images
Costumes: Maria Peici
Sets: Gloria Papură
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Romania, France
Production Year: 1993
Duration: 104΄
World Sales: Romanian Film Centre,
Awards/Distinctions: Critics Award – Montpellier Mediterranean FF 1993

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