Blind Spot


When tragedy strikes the whole family Α mother’s struggle to understand her teenage daughter's crisis. Masterfully filmed in a frantic single shot, the first narrative feature of a talented Norwegian actress maps the gray zone of psychological and mental disease, a dark vortex that each and every one of us recognizes, but most of us suppress.
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Direction: Tuva Novotny
Script: Tuva Novotny
Cinematography: Jonas Alarik
Sound: Peter Albrechtsen, Mikkel Nielsen, Johannes Dekko, Peter Albrechtsen, Morten Green
Actors: Pia Tjelta, Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Per Frisch, Oddgeir Thune, Nora Mathea Øien, Carl Munck, Teodor Barsnes-Simonsen, Marianne Krogh, Ellen Heyerdahl
Production: Nordisk Film
Producer/Producers: Elisabeth Kvithyll
Co-producer/Co-producers: René Ezra, Matilda Appelin
Art Direction: Nina Bjerch Andresen
Costumes: Nina Bjerch Andresen
Executive producer: Aage Aaberge, Henrik Zein
Camera: Jonas Skulstad Murstam
Make Up: Aase Lund Mathisen
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Norway
Production Year: 2018
Duration: 100΄
World Sales: TrustNordisk,
Awards/Distinctions: New Talent Grand PIX– CPH PIX 2018 Best Actress – San Sebastián IFF 2018

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