The River

Το ποτάμι

A river – the symbolic limit that separates life from death and the ravages of time from the dream – draws people to it like a magnet, inviting them to transcend themselves. Three villagers steal a cross from a monastery, but their greed will lead them to death and the river will carry their offense to the sea. A Greek border patrolman will pay for his hesitation with his life and will fall dead from the gunfire of the enemy side. A pair of lovers that has eloped will wander into a minefield near the river; their ordeal will lead to their families’ acceptance of their relationship. Finally, a little girl who has run away from her broken home takes refuge with a young shepherd boy; a friendship will blossom between them, a gift of nature; a gift for those that transcend the limits.
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Direction: Nikos Koundouros
Script: Antonis Samarakis, Iakovos Kabanellis, Notis Peryalis, Nikos Koundouros
Cinematography: Giovanni Varriano
Editing: Dinos Katsouridis
Sound: Mikes Damalas
Music: Manos Hadjidakis
Actors: Titos Vandis, Takis Emmanuel, Anestis Vlahos, Giorgos Emirzas, Dina Trianti, Hristoforos Zikas, Depi Martini, Patricia Bini, Angeliki Pantsou, Spyros Pappas
Production: Finos Film, Gustin Wilson Productions
Format: ProRes
Color: B&W
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 1960
Duration: 95΄
Awards/Distinctions: Best Director, Best Music – 1st Week of Greek Cinema Thessaloniki IFF 1960, Best Director – Boston FF 1961

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