Scandinavian Silence

Skandinaavia vaikus

Α three-act psychological drama, depicting three different perspectives on the same story, which revolves around the reuniting of two siblings. As they embark on a self-awareness journey through the mesmerizing winter landscape, they go over an act of violence that has taken place years ago, leaving an unbearable load on their shoulders. Their scars crave for resolution; the gaps must be filled with words and emotions. The towering impassivity of breathtaking landscape is juxtaposed with the inherent deficiency of human interaction, in a haunting exploration of the unique Nordic silence.
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Direction: Martti Helde
Script: Martti Helde, Nathaniel Price
Cinematography: Erik Põllumaa, Sten-Johan Lil
Editing: Jaak Ollino Jr
Sound: Matis Rei
Music: Mick Pedaja
Actors: Rea Lest, Reimo Sagor
Production: Three Brothers Ltd
Producer/Producers: Elina Litvinova
Co-production: Media International
Co-producer/Co-producers: Michele Halberstadt, Laurent Petin, Eric Vicente, AR, Frederic de Goldschmidt, Media International
Art Direction: Anneli Arusaar
Costumes: Anna Liisa Liiver
Make Up: Liisi Roht
Format: DCP
Color: Color/B&W
Production Country: Estonia, France, Belgium
Production Year: 2019
Duration: 75΄
Contact: Three Brothers