Pencil Knife Baton

Pencil Knife Baton

60th TIFF: World Premiere

A black quantum comedy. Four roommates in Berlin are looking for meaning and identity. Forgotten sick gods, in an almost parallel universe, are trying to fight injustice. Can people get along with their injured ideals? Can the pursuit of personal truth go hand in hand with social justice? Perhaps solidarity and humor are the only batons between the two worlds.

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Direction: Konstantinos Kakogiannis
Script: Konstantinos Kakogiannis
Cinematography: Pavlos Mavrikidis
Editing: Giorgos Alefantis
Sound: Christos Sakellariou
Actors: Μaria Katsandri, Sebastian Becker, Céline Yildirim, Panagos Ioakeim
Production: Atopia GbR
Producers: Konstantinos Kakogiannis
Co-production: Elliptik Production, Wethepeople
Co-producers: Vincent Gueillet
Costumes: Vali Mavridi (La Reina)
Sets: Pavlos Kapalas
Make Up: Katerina Anastopoulou
Format: DCP
Color: Color/B&W
Production Country: Greece, Germany, France
Production Year: 2019
Duration: 95΄
Contact: Atopia GbR,

Konstantinos Kakogiannis

Konstantinos Kakogiannis is a director, screenwriter, co-founder of Atopia Collective and a member of the film collective Ak Kraak. Α graduate of Lykourgos Stavrakos School and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, his works include shorts, features, and theatrical plays.


2007 Blitznachrichten (short)
2008 Bustop (short)
2015 Maxilari | Pillow
2017 Pillow Case (short doc)
2019 Pencil Knife Baton