To Live to Sing

Huo zhe chang zhe

Zhao Li is the longstanding leader of a small Sichuan Opera troupe, a motley crew of performers mostly past their prime, who have knocked around with one another for so long that their camaraderie resembles a close-knit family. The troupe operates in a ramshackle theater, at which the only regulars are old-timers who don’t have anywhere else to go. But even this humble home is on borrowed time: “development” is encroaching and the building is scheduled for demolition. As Zhao struggles to find a solution, many of the troupe members make alternate plans…
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Direction: Johnny Ma
Script: Johnny Ma
Cinematography: Matthias Delvaux
Editing: Ana Godoy
Sound: Guido Berenblum
Music: Jongho You, Jimin Kim
Actors: Zhao Xiaoli, Gan Guidan, Yan Xihu
Production: House on Fire, Image X Productionist
Producer/Producers: Wu Xianjian, Jing Wang
Co-producer/Co-producers: Vincent Wang
Art Direction: Zhang Xueqiang
Costumes: Adam Lim
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: China, France
Production Year: 2019
Duration: 100΄
Contact: Films Boutique,
Awards/Distinctions: Best Film, Best Actress (Asian New Talent Award) – Shanghai IFF 2019, Honorary Mention (International Competition) – Guanajuato IFF 2019