The Garden of God

Ο κήπος του Θεού

Around Christmas time, four everyday men, Kontos, Psilos, Alekos, and Sinoue, decide to reinvent themselves because in “the Garden of God” nothing ever changes... They play football, go to church, learn to dance, recite poetry, lose their friends, hit their enemies, draw the wishes they want to send in their own breath. They go all the way... They riot, burn mattresses, break planks, bleed and promise themselves that this Christmas they’ll make their way down to the sea... A prison story leads to a film about human pain and friendship.
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Direction: Takis Spyridakis
Script: Takis Spyridakis
Cinematography: Yorgos Argyroiliopoulos
Editing: Christos Santantsoglou
Sound: Yannis Iliopoulos, Kostas Triantafyllopoulos, Christos Triantafyllou
Music: Leonidas Hatzileodiades
Actors: Vangelis Mourikis, Kostas Makropoulos, Dinos Makris, Nick Calamo, Babis Alatzas, Takis Spyridakis, Giorgos Kleidonas
Production: Afaia Film Production
Producer/Producers: Takis Spyridakis
Costumes: Sofia Zouberi
Sets: Sofia Zouberi
Make Up: Alexandra Venieri, Sofia Zouberi, Lina Kossyfidou
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 1994
Duration: 117΄
Awards/Distinctions: Best New Director, Best Cinematography, Best Set Decoration, Best Costume Design, Best Make-Up – Thessaloniki IFF 1994

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