Nikos Karouzos – Poems on a Tape Recorder

Νίκος Καρούζος – Ο δρόμος για το έαρ

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22nd TDF: World Premiere

In the midst of the economic crisis, a persistent researcher delves into the eventful life and the unexplored work of preeminent Greek modernist poet, Nikos Karouzos. Through photos, archives, super 8s, videotapes and memories, he travels back in time accompanying the poet from the traumatic postwar history of Greece to the Academy of Stockholm and all the way to the 1921 rebellion of Kronstadt in order to find a lost film footage.

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Direction: Yannis Karpouzis
Script: Andreas Vakalios, Ilias Liatsopoulos
Cinematography: Yannis Karpouzis, Yannis Kanakis
Editing: Leonidas Papafotiou
Sound: Kostas Fylaktidis, 17 Poisoned Englishmen
Music: Kleon Antoniou, Yannis Haroulis, Lefteris Andriotis
Production: Empty Square
Producers: Yannis Karpouzis
Co-production: ERT, GFC
Narration: Dimitris Katalifos
Format: DCP
Color: Color/B&W
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 101΄
Contact: Lina Samoili,

Yannis Karpouzis


2020 Nikos Karouzos – Poems on a Tape Recorder