Speak No Evil

63rd TIFF: Greek Premiere

On a vacation in Tuscany, a Danish family befriends a Dutch family. Months later the Danish couple receives an invitation to visit the Dutch and decide to go for the weekend. However, it doesn't take long before the joy of reunion is replaced by misunderstandings. Things gradually get out of hand, as the Dutch turn out to be something different than what they have pretended to be. A film, critical to society, which impales the modern privileged human being, and a poetic and visual experience, larger than life. An evil, but extremely important film.

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Direction: Christian Tafdrup
Script: Christian Tafdrup, Mads Tafdrup
Cinematography: Erik Molberg Hansen
Editing: Nikolaj Monberg
Sound: Marco Vermaas
Music: Sune “Køter” Kølster
Actors: Morten Burian, Sidsel Siem Koch, Fedja van Huêt, Karina Smulders, Liva Forsberg, Marius Damslev
Production: Profile Pictures
Producers: Jacob Jarek
Co-production: Oak Motion Pictures
Co-producers: Trent
Costumes: Louize Nissen
Production Design: Sabine Hviid
Executive producer: Ditte Milsted
Make Up: Robert Stouthamer
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Denmark
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 97΄
Contact: Danish Film Institute
Awards/Distinctions: Bucheon Choice Award for Best Director – Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival 2022

Christian Tafdrup

He graduated from the Danish National School of Performing Arts in 2003. As an actor, Tafdrup has starred in both feature films and tv. Among others, he starred in Susanne Bier’s Academy Awards nominated After the Wedding (2006), the BAFTA-winning TV series Borgen (2010–). Besides his acting, Tafdrup has directed three shorts. His feature film debut as a writer/director Parents (2016) was nominated for ‘Best International Feature Film’ at the Tribeca Film Festival, and won a Robert for Best Director, a Bodil-award (Danish Critics Award) for Best Screenplay and both a Robert and Bodil for Best Actor.


1999 The Copier (short)
2002 Debutanten (short)
2008 Awakening (short)
2016 Parents
2021 Speak No Evil