The Life of a Snowflake

Bir Kar Tanesinin Ömrü

63rd TIFF: World Premiere

What is the weight of a snowflake? And how long does its life cycle last? Does it melt the moment it touches the ground? Or can it freeze time in its tiny capsule? In Trabzon, a Turkish city on the Black Sea, snow falls heavily like never before in the last days of autumn, and the roads are blocked. In this setting, two people who attend the same school but have never met before have a chance encounter at a bus station, waiting for the same bus that has run late. They fall in love at first sight. But Miase is the daughter of a local Turkish family, while Adar is the son of a Kurdish family from Hakkari, a city close to the Iraq–Turkey border. The two of them skip classes, meet up every day, walk for hours, and they live an a romantic love story for thirty-one days. On the night of New Year’s Eve, Adar disappears. Miase hits the road and heads to Dersim in order to find Adar. A story that renders the search for love as a lyrical thriller, with fluctuating emotions burning beneath the snow, unravels in a stunning landscape of the Turkish periphery.

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Direction: Kazim Öz
Script: Kazim Öz
Cinematography: Orçun Özkılınç
Editing: Kazim Öz, Buğra Dedeoğlu
Music: Mustafa Biber
Actors: Sema Gültekin, İsmail Zagros, Münircan Cindoruk, Cezmi Baskın, Ömür Arpacı
Production: Köz Film
Producers: Kazim Öz
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Türkiye
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 109΄
Contact: Lands of Cinema

Kazim Öz

Kazım Öz is an awarded Kurdish director, scriptwriter, and producer. He started to produce art with Kurdish theater. In the 1990s, he continued to work with Yapım 13 Production Company which is affiliated with Mesopotamia Culture Center. His short film Ax (Land, 1999) received many awards in A-class film festivals. He shot his first feature film Photograph in 2002.


1999 Land (short)
2002 Photograph
2005 Distant (doc)
2008 The Storm
2010 The Last Season of Shawaks (doc)
2014 Once Upon a Time (doc)
2016 The White Sycamore (doc)
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2022 The Life of a Snowflake