In grainy VHS footage from a childhood that has since become youth, Heavens reflects in a dark and poetic form on the fragile relationship between young Sashka and her parents. The historical gulf between former Yugoslavia and today's Belgrade is also a generational rift. And those who were children during and after the war that constantly rumbles outside the frames of the image, have now themselves become adults with a need to define and form their own identity and future. Sashka is one of them. Past and present (and possibly future) cross paths.
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Direction: Jelena Maksimović, Ivan Salatić
Cinematography: Ivan Marković
Editing: Jelena Maksimović, Ivan Salatić
Sound: Jakov Munizaba
Production: Non-Aligned Films
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Serbia
Production Year: 2014
Duration: 19'
Contact: Non-Aligned Films

Jelena Maksimović

Jelena Maksimovic graduated in Film editing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. She has been teaching at the Faculty for Media and Communication in Belgrade, Digital Arts Department, since 2015. As an editor she worked on films such as The Load (2018), You Have the Night (2018), Celts (2021), and Landscapes of Resistance (2021) which screened in Cannes, Venice, Berlinale, Locarno, Rotterdam, Toronto, and many others. She has directed two shorts and two feature films: Taurunum Boy (2018) and Homelands (Domovine, 2020), which premiered at Cinéma du Réel and FID Marseille, respectively. In addition to film, she has achieved numerous collaborations in the field of video art, spatial installations, and theater performances.


2014 Heavens (short doc, co-direction)
2018 Taurunum Boy (doc)
2020 Homelands (doc)

Ivan Salatić

Ivan Salatić finished the School of Fine Arts in Belgrade, but over time became more interested in films. He later enrolled in a film school in Montenegro. His films were presented and awarded at many international festivals. The short film Backyards was screened at the Venice IFF in Orizzonti 2015, followed by his feature film You Have the Night, also presented at the Venice IFF in 2018. He earned a master’s degree at HFBK in Hamburg in 2016. He co-runs Meander Film, a production company based in Montenegro. He currently lives in Belgrade, preparing his next film.


2014 Heavens (short doc, co-direction)
2015 Backyards (short)
2016 You Have the Night