64th TIFF: Greek Premiere
The latest film of a true visionary auteur from our neighboring country follows the footsteps of a young woman as she tries to find her way in the bleakest of environments. Suna is a teenage athlete who lives with her mother in a mountain village in Turkey, indicative of a larger picture of the world: here, things are run by older men who know it all, environmental destruction looms, and greed beats in most hearts. Suna’s uncle, the village headman, is on the lookout for ways to close his debt. His wife, whom he married by force, keeps eloping only to be found on the outskirts of the village each time. 12-year-old Filiz shoots youtube videos, and feels nothing happens in this village. But things happen. An imam arrives and he is strange: he forgets the calls to prayer and spends his nights on the mountain. A dead girl is found in the river; conflict around the stone quarry escalates; treasure hunters arrive, and soon there is a dead body with his mouth filled with stones. Jealousy, ambition, and fear overtake life. Suna is the only one with the innocence and the courage to ask: “Who is to tell you what is good? Who is to tell you your path?“
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Direction: Reha Erdem
Script: Reha Erdem
Cinematography: Florrent Herry
Editing: Reha Erdem
Sound: Reha Erdem
Music: Alican Çamci
Actors: Deniz İlhan, Ahmet Rifat Şungar, Bülent Emin Yarar, Izzy İncinur Daşdemir, Nihal Yalçin, Serkan Keskin, Nur Fettahoğlu, Gizem Katmer, Ayşegül Kopartan
Production: Atlantik Film
Producers: Ömer Atay, Serra Ciliv
Costumes: Merve Ertan
Executive producer: Kaan Mestut
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Türkiye
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 90'
Contact: Atlantik Film

Reha Erdem

Filmmaker Reha Erdem (1960, Turkey) was called one of the most characteristic filmmakers of our time by magazine Variety. After studying History, Erdem left in 1983 to study Film Studies at the University of Paris. His directorial debut was in 1989 with Oh Moon. The films he made after his first – like Cosmos (2010) and Jîn (2013) – were shown on important international festivals including Tornonto and Berlin. Times and Winds (2006) was shown at IFFR 2007. Big Big World (2016) premiered in Venice, in the Horizons programme. It won him the Special Jury award.


1989 Oh, Moon
1999 A Run for Money
2006 Times and Winds
2008 My Only Sunshine
2010 Cosmos
2013 Jîn
2016 Big Big World
2020 Hey There!
2023 Neandria