Glory Sky


Takis Kanellopoulos’ first feature film, written in partnership with Giorgos Kitsopoulos, is a composite of true stories drawn from the epic events of 1940. Taking the form of a thrilling anti- war film, it exchanges action on the front line for the poetry that lies behind it, and stereotypical cinematic heroism for a radical take on human bravery. With Glory Sky, Kanellopoulos in reality forges a new filmic language that incorporates, in equal parts, the cinema of the Soviet Union and the French New Wave, Andrzej Wajda and Alain Resnais, while also retaining the salient, self-luminous hallmarks that were the melancholy of Macedonian Wedding and the bitter-sweet celebratory air of Thasos to deliver truly modern, independent, and fathomlessly moving cinema. A film bold in almost its every decision and political in multiple ways, foremost among them the claim laid to a sense of Greekness and patriotism that even today seems to verge on heresy. In contention for the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1963, Glory Sky established Kanellopoulos in the pantheon of international modernists and would stand as an iconic bridge on the path towards a new Greek cinema.

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Direction: Takis Kanellopoulos
Script: Takis Kanellopoulos, Yorgos Kitsopoulos
Cinematography: Grigoris Danalis, Giovanni Varriano
Editing: Takis Kanellopoulos
Music: Argyris Kounadis
Actors: Emilia Pitta, Takis Emmanouil, Faidon Georgitsis, Niki Triantafyllidi, Eleni Zafeiriou, Kostas Messaris, Nikos Tsachiridis
Producers: Vasilia Drakaki
Format: DCP
Color: B/W
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 1962
Duration: 73'
Contact: Papandreou S.A. (Dimitris Merziotis,

Takis Kanellopoulos

Takis Kanellopoulos was born in Thessaloniki in 1933 and died in 1990 of a heart attack. He was one of the first Greek directors to make films in Thessaloniki. He was honoured at the 7th Thessaloniki Film Festival in 1966, on the occasion of his film Excursion, for his contribution to raising the quality standards of the Festival. At the 1968 Thessaloniki Festival, Interlude won the Greek Film Critics Association Award for Best Director, while the same film was awarded Best Art Film of the Year, jointly with Vassilis Georgiadis’s Girls in the Sun. Kanellopoulos’s filmography consists of three shorts and seven feature films.


1960 Macedonian Wedding (short doc)
1961 Thassos (short doc)
1962 Glory Sky
1966 Excursion
1968 Interlude
1969 Kastoria (short doc)
1972 The Last Spring
1975 Memories of a Sunday
1978 Romantic Note
1980 Sonia