Goodbye! (Rambo)

La Revedere (Rambo)

After the film Simultaneous Hypostases received an award at the Brno Film Festival in 1970, George Săbău set up Atelier 16 at the Arad Art School, with the support of the authorities; he received 16 mm film stock, officially meant for the production of documentary films. From the film stock allocated for each documentary film, a portion was diverted for experimental films. The kinema ikon archive thus preserves 62 documentaries and 62 experimental films. kinema ikon disregarded its documentary films, considering them simple exercises from which the experimental films could be produced. Currently, kinema ikon is looking for a sensible way to revisit its own documentary material. Goodbye! (Rambo), a ready media work by reVoltaire is a good example: Hollywood blockbusters are put into a (self-)ironic dialogue with documentary films from the kinema ikon archive.
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Direction: reVoltaire (Calin Man)
Format: DCP
Color: Color, B/W
Production Country: Romania
Production Year: 2019
Duration: 38'
Contact: kinema ikon

reVoltaire (Calin Man)

kinema ikon – multimedia atelier was founded by George Săbău in 1970. The group underwent several periods of activity throughout the years. During the experimental film phase (1970 – 1989), 62 experimental films and 62 documentaries were produced; the experimental films were made in synchronicity with Western practices, and included: kinetic abstractions, animation, scratching on film, Surrealist exercises, non-figurative dynamic forms painted directly on film etc. In 1990, ki became a part of the Museum Arad (RO). After the fall of the Berlin Wall, kinema ikon was finally able to respond to an invitation to show a selection of experimental films at the Centre Pompidou/ Cinéma du Musée. Between 1994 and 2004, the group was one of the main promoters of digital art in Romania; interactive work on CD-ROM or was made during this period, authored by individual members and as a group, shown in exhibitions and festivals around the world. In 2003, kinema ikon represented the Romanian Pavilion at the Venice Biennial. Since 2012 the group has had its dedicated gallery space at the Art Museum in Arad, where it has developed several projects: Wunderkammer (three exhibitions, 2012–2016), kinema ikon: serial / four seasons / 50 episodes-installations (2013–2022), internet of ki (2017), screens (2017), 49.*files (2019), kimaera (2021–2023). Since 2014, kinema ikon has been the main organizer of MAFA - Media Art Festival Arad. The group has edited the magazines Conversația (1990–1993) and Intermedia (1994–2011). Since 2012, ki publishes a yearly catalogue to accompany its main projects and edits the catalogue for MAFA. Calin Man / reVoltaire is the group’s current coordinator.


2019 Goodbye! (Rambo)