The Invisible Fight

Nähtamatu võitlus

64th TIFF: Greek Premiere
What on earth could possibly connect a handful of Orthodox nuns with kung fu, the Soviet Union and Black Sabbath? Of course, it’s the most absurd and irreverent martial arts film of recent memory, one that features a Soviet border guard, a hippie, a rocker, and a Bruce Lee enthusiast seeking refuge in a monastery inhabited by Shaolin monks. He grapples with the pursuit of divine enlightenment and the arduous path to sainthood, all the while contending with the persistent allure of a woman. Amidst this, a perpetual rivalry with the monastery's favored individual lurks in the shadows like stealthy ninjas, poised for an imminent showdown of righteousness. A showdown accompanied by (metal) music, fasting, and prayer. The film is like an (un)Orthodox Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon whose arrival no one could have predicted.
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Direction: Rainer Sarnet
Script: Rainer Sarnet
Cinematography: Mart Taniel
Editing: Jussi Rautaniemi
Sound: Janne Laine
Music: Hino Koshiro
Actors: Ursel Tilk, Ester Kuntu, Kaarel Pogga, Indrek Sammul, Taimo Kõrvemaa, Rain Simmul
Production: Homeless Bob Production, White Picture, Neda Film, Helsinki-filmi
Producers: Katrin Kissa
Co-producers: Alise Ģelze, Amanda Livanou, Helen Vinogradov
Costumes: Jaanus Vahtra, Berta Vilipsone-Ieleja
Production Design: Jaagup Roomet, Mārtiņš Straupe
Executive producer: Hiroko Kubo, Hiroko Oda, Mami Akari, Rain Rannu, Yohann Comte, Aleksi Bardy
Make Up: Anu Konze
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Estonia, Latvia, Greece, Finland
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 115'
Contact: Levelk

Rainer Sarnet

Rainer Sarnet is a film director who mainly writes his own scripts, often basing them on literature. Sarnet, who is passionate about Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Orthodox mysticism, has in addition to filmmaking also directed plays in the theater, based on texts by Stanisław Przybyszewski and Elfride Jelinek, among others, and considers reading one of his favorite activities. The Invisible Fight is his third feature film with Homeless Bob Production, after The Idiot (2011) and November (2017). “Art is a poetic way to describe human psychology,” Sarnet has said.


1998 Libarebased ja kooljad (short)
2011 The Idiot
2017 November
2023 The Invisible Fight