64th TIFF: Greek Premiere

“Great disorder under the Heavens and the situation is excellent,” according to a well-known saying. In the case of the Romanian Revolution of 1989, when the country plunged into chaos amidst an orgy of violence and propaganda, it was anything but. Overwhelmed by the bloody maelstrom of the events in ’89, a police officer is arrested as a terrorist and ground down by the millstones of history. In his fifth and most accomplished film, Romanian director Tudor Giurgiu delivers a nerve-wracking and gripping thriller about the madness of the fall of the communist regime. It leaves a lasting impression on the viewer with its directorial prowess and the rawness of its subject matter. With an aesthetic reminiscent of documentaries from the distant but regrettably still vivid days of ’89, Libertate powerfully underscores both the significance and the price of freedom in our broader neighborhood.

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Available at the Agora Market TIFF64.

Direction: Tudor Giurgiu
Script: Cecilia Ştefănescu, Tudor Giurgiu
Cinematography: Alex Sterian
Editing: Réka Lemhényi
Sound: Andre Rigaut, Tamaś Szekely
Actors: Alex Calangiu, Cat̆alin Herlo, Ionuţ Caras, Iulian Postelnicu, Alexandru Papadopol
Production: Libra Films, Mythberg Films
Producers: Oana Bujgoi Giurgiu, Tudor Giurgiu
Co-producers: Jozsef Berger
Costumes: Viorica Petrovici
Production Design: Vali Ighigheanu
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Romania, Hungary
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 109'
Contact: REASON8 Films

Tudor Giurgiu

Tudor Giurgiu is a Romanian filmmaker. His directorial debut feature Love Sick was selected in the Panorama section of the 2006 Berlinale and awarded in several international festivals. His short Superman, Spiderman or Batman (2011) won Best European Short at the 2012 edition of the European Film Academy Awards. Tudor’s second feature, Of Snails and Men, was awarded at Warsaw IFF and Valladolid IFF. Why Me?, an unsettling legal thriller based on a real case of corruption in present-day Romania, premiered at the 2015 Berlinale Panorama. Libertate is Tudor’s fifth feature film.


1993 Vecini (short)
2006 Love Sick
2011 Spiderman or Batman (short)
2012 Of Snails and Men
2015 Why Me?
2019 Parking
2023 Libertate