Sandy is a drama school graduate and has asthma. Tonight she will be performing at the theater. Before that, she has to teach a yoga class, work as a clown, and go to an audition. In this equation, she somehow has to try and fit in her boyfriend Spiros.

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Direction: Alexis Koukias-Pantelis
Script: Μichalis Mathioudakis, Alexis Koukias-Pantelis
Cinematography: Davor Marenjak
Editing: Νiki Malliotaki
Sound: Panagiotis Papagiannopoulos
Music: Sophie Lies
Actors: Dimitra Vlagopoulou, Vaggelis Ambatzis, Thanos Tokakis, Elena Topalidou, Aulona Lupa, Katerina Misichroni, Ilias Moulas, Mikes Glykas, Alexandra Hasani, Thodoris Skiftoulis
Production: Wholewave
Producers: Μaria Repousi, Alexis Koukias-Pantelis
Co-production: ERT SA, Greek Film Centre
Costumes: Emmanouela Mastora
Production Design: Dimitra Sourlantzi
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 19'
Contact: Zen Movie Distribuzione (
Awards/Distinctions: “Tonia Marketaki” Best Direction Award, Best Script Award, Federation of Cinematic Clubs of Greece (OKLE) Award – National Competition DISFF 2023

Alexis Koukias-Pantelis

Alexis Koukias-Pantelis is a director, screenwriter, and sound engineer working in the cinema. His films have traveled to dozens of international festivals, garnering awards such as Best Female and Male Lead at the 27th edition of Athens International Film Festival. Aerolin is his fourth short film.


2015 Ηibernation (short)
2017 Best of everything, always (short)
2020 Ιro / (short)
2021 After noon (short)
2023 Aerolin (short)