Athens, My Love

Αθήνα, Αγάπη μου

An essay film looking for traces of significant conflict events in contemporary political history on the body of the Athenian metropolis. Structured on the basis of interviews with architects and historians, the film incorporates archival material and employs fictional elements as they unfold along a dialogic voice-over.

Screening Schedule

No physical screenings scheduled.

Available at the Agora Market TIFF64.

Direction: Dimitris Kechris
Script: Dimitris Kechris
Cinematography: Dimitris Kechris
Editing: Dimitris Kechris
Sound: Nikos Dalezios
Music: Nikos Tsolis
Actors: Stavros Stavrides, Angela Dimitrakaki, Menelaos Charalampidis, Dimitris Kechris
Producers: Dimitris Kechris
Format: DCP
Color: Color, B/W
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 24'
Contact: Dimitris Kechris (
Awards/Distinctions: Documentary Award – National Student Competition DISFF 2023

Dimitris Kechris

Dimitris Kechris is a photographer, cinematographer, filmmaker, exhibition curator and PhD candidate in Film History (Ionian University). He studied Physics at the University of Athens and Digital Forms of Art at the Athens School of Fine Arts. His creative work has been showcased at the Benaki Museum, the Byzantine Museum, the Greek Film Archive, and the Galeria Hexagono (Barcelona).


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2022 Athens, my love (short)