Gaza Mon Amour

Gaza Mon Amour

61st TIFF: Greek premiere

Issa, a 65-year-old fisherman in Gaza, is secretly in love with dressmaker Siham. Just as he’s ready to pop the question, an ancient statue of Apollo is caught in his fishing net and trouble is on the way, as Hamas is determined to lay its hands on the valuable treasure. A bittersweet and low-key dramedy that casts a tender glance to its gentle protagonist. An impenitent romantic who defies repression, conservatism, and age stereotypes, making a stand for love.

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Direction: Tarzan & Arab Nasser
Script: Tarzan & Arab Nasser
Cinematography: Christophe Graillot
Editing: Veronique Lange
Sound: Tim Stephan, Roland Vajs, Pedro Gois
Music: Andre Mathias
Actors: Salim Daw, Hiam Abbass, Maisa Abd Elhadi, George Iskandar, Manal Awad, Hitham Al Omari
Production: Les Films du Tambour, Riva Filmproduktion
Producers: Rani Massalha and Marie Legrand, Michael Eckelt
Co-production: Pandora de Cunha Telles and Pablo Iraola, Rashid Abdelhamid, Khaled Haddad
Sets: Tarzan & Arab Nasser
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: France, Germany, Portugal, Palestine, Qatar
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 87΄
Contact: Versatile

Tarzan and Arab Nasser

Arab Nasser and Tarzan Nasser are twin brothers born in Gaza. They each graduated with a BFA in painting from Gaza’s al-Aqsa University before turning to filmmaking with the shorts Colourful Journey (10), Condom Lead (13), Apartment 10/14 (14), and With Premeditation (14). Their debut feature, Dégradé (15), screened at the Festival. Gaza mon amour (20) is their latest film.


2015 Dégradé
2020 Gaza mon Amour