The protagonist of this film is the chair and its multiple uses. A revelational and subversive satire with sharp humor, full of socio-political puns and unusual flashbacks from the prehistoric era to this day. The “plasticization” of life, modern age conformism and society’s persistent tendency to monotonous fun are presented with a sarcastic mood, through an Aristophanean narrative adapted to contemporary standards.
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Direction: Jordan Ananiadis
Script: Jordan Ananiadis
Editing: Lambis Charalambidis, Dimitra Gionte
Music: Konstantinos Linoksylakis (Rabbeats)
Production: Magikon, ERT SA
Producer/Producers: Jordan Ananiadis
Narration: Takis Papamattheou
Format: Betacam
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2018
Duration: 14΄
Contact: Jordan Ananiadis,