A parable on place and time. A game of metamorphoses. A passage after death, a second death. A woman gives birth and dies. At the moment of death, her face disintegrates and assumes the aspects of those who stand by her bed. Her body is torn by the conflicts of those who inhabit it and her voice dissolves into many voices and many roles.
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Direction: Antoinetta Angelidi
Script: Antoinetta Angelidi, Clairi Mitsotaki
Cinematography: Stavros Hassapis
Editing: Andonis Tempos
Sound: Thanassis Georgiadis
Music: Yorgos Apergis, Music Improvisations: Μartine Viard
Actors: Jany Gastaldi, Maya Lyberopoulou, Annita Sandorineou, Μartine Viard, Clairi Mirtseki, Arietta Moutoussi, Stavros Tornes, Takis Moschos, Akis Davis, Stefanos Kotsikos
Producer/Producers: Antoinetta Angelidi
Art Direction: Antoinetta Angelidi
Costumes: Lily Kendaka
Sets: Costas Angelidakis
Make Up: Achilleas Haritos
Format: 35mm
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 1985
Duration: 80'
Contact: Antoinetta Angelidi,
Awards/Distinctions: Special Prize, Award for Best Sound and Greek Film Critics' Association Award – Thessaloniki Film Festival 1985, Greek Culture Ministry's State Quality Award

Antoinetta Angelidi

Film director and visual artist. Studied Architecture in Athens; Film Directing and Editing at IDHEC in Paris; and Film Theory with Christian Metz. Her films were screened in international film festivals and contemporary art museums. Uses art history and her dreams as raw material, while dream-mechanism and the uncanny constitute her main creative strategies. Has taught in the Film School at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and at the Universities of Patras, Thessaly and the Aegean. Retrospective tribute to her work in the 46th International Thessaloniki Film Festival.


1975 L’Histoirecrite (short)
1976 L’Eau (short)
1981 The Gift (short)
1977 Idées Fixes / Dies Ιrae
1985 Topos
1995 The Hours
2001 Thief of Reality
2006 Noon Hour (short)
2007 Metamorphosis OFBY AA (short)
2007 Knot-not–Knot (short)
2008 121280 Ritual (short)
2013 Tears Sins (short)
2013 Encore- (short)