The Guide

Ο ξεναγός

Iasonas arrives in Athens as head of a group of Erasmus students of Architecture initiating his new career as “architects’ tour guide.” Between tours, he meets back with his more-than-just-a friend Mirsini. Exploring modern Athens will turn into a full-scale identity crisis for the young tour guide.
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Direction: Zacharias Mavroeidis
Script: Zacharias Mavroeidis
Cinematography: Zoe Manta
Editing: Ioanna Pogiatzi
Sound: Nikos Triantafillou, Iraklis Vlahakis
Music: Martha Mavroidi, Yorgos Ventouris
Actors: Michalis Oikonomou, Katerina Mavrogeorgi, Kathrin Suckfiel, Francois Renault, Anne-Marie O'Sullivan, Stavroula Kontopoulou, Nikolas Piperas, Michael-John Raftopoulos, Maria Perez
Production: Wesaw Open Lab
Producer/Producers: Zacharias Mavroeidis
Costumes: Efthimia Moutsiana-Marre
Sets: Katerina Zourari
Make Up: Romy Fangerow
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 201
Duration: 94΄
Contact: Zacharias Mavroeidis,