The Vest

Το Γελεκάκι

Ka(te)rina wants to meet with the Bookstore's Director. On her way, she will come across her personal fantasies. Her anguish: Will she defeat him or be herself defeated?
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Direction: Iris Zachmanidi
Script: Iris Zachmanidi
Cinematography: Stavros Hassapis
Editing: Yanna Spyropoulou
Sound: Argyris Lazaridis
Actors: Dora Stylianidi, Nikos Mouratidis, Michel Demopoulos
Producer/Producers: Iris Zachmanidi
Format: 35mm
Color: B&W
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 1976
Contact: Iris Zachmanidi,
Awards/Distinctions: Thessaloniki Municipality Award 1976