Fog Under the Sun

Ομίχλη κάτω απ' τον ήλιο

Chania, Crete, during the 1970s. Hippolytos, a student of Botany, finds a way to carry on with his experiments on the medicinal plant called datura fastuosa, by marrying the widow of his late professor. In the very same house lives the professor's adopted daughter who - just like the widow herself - falls for him. One day, Hippolytos meets a couple of two enigmatic Germans who seduce him…
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Direction: Nicos Ligouris
Script: Nicos Ligouris
Cinematography: Nicos Ligouris
Editing: Nicos Ligouris
Sound: Thanos Gerasimos
Actors: Panagiotis Evangelidis, Nelly Angelidou, Olia Lazaridou, Roze Aiile, Claus Wilbrandt
Producer/Producers: Nicos Ligouris
Costumes: Panagiotis Evangelidis
Sets: Marilena Spenztouri
Format: 16mm
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 1980
Duration: 70΄
Contact: Nicos Ligouris,
Awards/Distinctions: Special Mention by the Thessaloniki Municipality – 21st Thessaloniki Film Festival 1980