The Mountain Tears

Τα δάκρυα του βουνού

The Mountain Tears follows the odyssey of a guild of stonemasons during the troublesome first years of the 20th century. Far from their homeland, hunted, cut-off by war and battles, slowly or quickly they will perish one by one, and only Markos, the master builder, like another Ulysses, will continue his wandering.

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Direction: Stelios Charalampopoulos
Script: Stelios Charalampopoulos
Cinematography: Dimitris Kordelas
Editing: Pietro Radin
Sound: Yannis Giannakopoulos
Music: Platon Andritsakis
Actors: Loukia Katopodi, Spyros Georgopoulos, Ligeri Tabakopoulou, Spyros Zambelis
Production: Periplus
Producer/Producers: Panos Charalampopoulos
Co-production: ERT SA
Co-producer/Co-producers: Vasilis Konstantilieris, Dimitris Kordelas, Antonis Tolakis, Nikos Moutselos
Costumes: Danai Elefsinioti
Sets: Danai Elefsinioti
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2018
Duration: 111΄
Distribution in Greece: Feelgood Entertainment
Contact: Periplus,