A kaleidoscopic look at the life and work of the poet Constantine Cavafy. A singular documentary, an honest biography and at the same time an exciting “translation” of the world, the obsessions, and the pleasurable sensations of his poetry and his life, in images and sounds.
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Direction: Constantine Giannaris
Script: Constantine Giannaris
Cinematography: Duncan Reekie, James Welland, Constantine Giannaris
Editing: Phil Woodward
Actors: Cyril Epstein, Rupert Cole, Dimitris Stefanidis, Osman, Constantinos Kehagias, Blackie, Miltos Lagios, Harry Donnison, the boys from Kurdistan (Sukru, Vakkas, Tahir, Ibrahim, Salman)
Co-production: The Arts Council of Great Britain
Art Direction: Patrick LeLarge
Format: 16mm
Color: Color/B&W
Production Country: Greece, UK
Production Year: 1990
Duration: 35΄
Contact: Constantine Giannaris,
Awards/Distinctions: Teddy Award for Best Short Film – Berlin IFF 1990 Best Short Film Award by the Student Jury and the International Jury – Turin IFF 1990 Best Black and White Short Film – Cork IFF 1990