A Place in the Sun

Μία θέση στον ήλιο

Athens, gateway to the West and, in the wake of the collapse of Eastern bloc communism, another train arrives carrying economic refugees. Amongst the flood of desperate poor is Panayotis, 18, Albanian and ambitious. Cruising the neon-lit streets is Ilias, 35, handsome and solitary, looking for someone to distract him from the emptiness of his life. Against the chaotic backdrop of the modern city, these two characters are separated by race and bound by love, murder, and their desperation to find their own place in the sun.
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Direction: Constantine Giannaris
Script: Constantine Giannaris
Cinematography: Vassilis Kapsouros
Editing: Jake Martin
Sound: Costas Poulantzas
Music: John Eacott
Actors: Stavros Zalmas, Panayiotis Tsetsos, Ilias Marmaras, Valentino Hagi, Yanna Moutzourogiorgou, Dimitris Thanos
Production: Maya Vision Production
Producer/Producers: Christopher Collins
Co-production: Arts Council, Channel Four, C. Giannaris Films
Art Direction: Ilias Marmaras
Format: 16mm
Color: Color/B&W
Production Country: Greece, UΚ
Production Year: 1994
Duration: 44΄
Distribution in Greece: Constantine Giannaris, congiann@gmail.com
Contact: Maya Vision Production, 2580info@mayavisionint.com
Awards/Distinctions: Best Film, Best Balkan Film & Association of Greek Film & TV Technicians Award – Drama International Short Film Festival 1995