Paola Revenioti and the filmmaking team Paola Team Documentaries present their first feature documentary about “Kaliarda,” the secret language of the homosexual community in Greece, from the 40s until the country’s regime change in the early 70s. Paola became acquainted with Kaliarnta towards the end of its use, in the 80s. The team started out aiming to record the history of Kaliarda, but realized they were recording the history of the homosexual community life in Greece during the 20th century. Themes start emerging, such as love, sexuality, hang-outs, the problems faced by homosexuals at the time and how conditions gradually changed until today. In the documentary, we speak with academics and people from the street, who had a first-hand experience of our subject.
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Direction: Paola Revenioti
Script: Dimitris Polemis
Cinematography: Elpiniki Voutsa
Editing: Vangelis Tsakas
Sound: Alexandros Synodinos
Music: Selofan
Production: Paola Team Documentaries
Producer/Producers: Petroula Pavlina Drakou
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2014
Duration: 58΄
Contact: Paola Team Documentaries, thepaolaprojectteam@gmail.com