Α fresco of life in a small country spa, as it unfolds before the eyes of Christos, a young man from Athens. Christos is led there, dazzled by a youth, Manolis, in whose person all the contradictions of his social milieu come to life. At first an insubordinate wildcat who has deserted from the army three times, Manolis will re-enter his social world, becoming assimilated into it little by little and bringing to light all the characteristics of his alienation. Money is the basic reason for Manolis’s alienation as well as that of the other inhabitants of the spa, which lives and prospers thanks to the local tourist trade.
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Direction: Yorgos Korras, Christos Voupouras
Script: Yorgos Korras, Christos Voupouras
Cinematography: Andreas Bellis
Editing: Yorgos Korras, Christos Voupouras
Sound: Nikos Achladis
Music: Eleni Karaindrou
Actors: Stelios Pavlou, Stelios Mainas, Toula Stathopoulou, Leonidas Nomikos, Magda Tsaggani, Yorgos Giannopoulos, Sinta Stefanopoulou, Steliow Reppas, Yannis Christoyannis, Tasos Pantzartzis, Anthi Gounari, Panayiotis Stamatopoulos, Yorgos Zahariou, Maria Thanou, Nikos Zoiopoulos, Dimitris Mavrikios
Production: Optikoakοustiki LTD, ERT SA
Producer/Producers: Yorgos Korras, Christos Voupouras
Costumes: Damianos Zarifis
Sets: Damianos Zarifis
Make Up: Voula Karasa
Format: 35mm
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 1988
Duration: 121΄
Distribution in Greece: Feelgood Entertainment, info@feelgoodentertainment.gr
Awards/Distinctions: Best Supporting Actress – Thessaloniki IFF 1988 Best Supporting Actress, Best Quality Film Award – Ministry Of Culture State Quality Awards 1989 Award – Turin Gay FF 1989