A Sky Full of Stars

Ένας ουρανός γεμάτος αστέρια

Eleven short stories by a young man who is an AIDS carrier. Nine poetic portrayals of himself and his environment. Each story is a unique, self-contained glimpse: The dialogue with his doctor, a former lover, the birthday party, the lonely nights, the conversation with his mother. A film that observes the course taken by this man through his illness.

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Direction: Christos Dimas
Script: Christos Dimas
Cinematography: Υorgos Zarafonitis
Editing: Μaria Daoudaki
Sound: Costas Poulatzas
Music: Alexis Vourazelis, Christos Dimas
Actors: Babis Giotopoulos, Panayotis Zaganiaris, Ersi Malikenzou, Roula Theologou
Producer/Producers: Christos Dimas
Sets: Yorgos Georgiou
Format: 16mm
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 1995
Duration: 20΄
Contact: Christos Dimas, chdimas99@yahoo.com
Awards/Distinctions: Distinction – GFC

The director's four awarded shorts were later released as an anthology under the title Four. This screening during the Festival will also be screened in this format.