Tender spends the whole night searching for tenderness.

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Direction: Christos Dimas
Script: Christos Dimas
Cinematography: Christos Asimakopoulos
Editing: Alexis Pezas
Sound: Emanuelle Simon
Actors: Vicky, Yorgos Labropoulos, Serafim Kranis, Thanasis Ligos, Makis Peppas, Padelis Pagoulatou
Production: Fantasia Ltd, fanfilmpro@gmail.com
Producer/Producers: Christos Dimas
Make Up: Garyfalia Siora
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 1997
Duration: 12΄
Contact: Christos Dimas, chdimas99@yahoo.com
Awards/Distinctions: Best Film, Best Sound – Video Festival of Thessaloniki 1997

The director's four awarded shorts were later released as an anthology under the title Four. This screening during the Festival will also be screened in this format.