Tony, a Greek immigrant, arrives in San Francisco chasing the “other” American dream.

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Direction: Christos Dimas
Script: Christos Dimas
Cinematography: Kev Robertson, Evgenios Dionyssopoulos
Editing: Sharon Franklin
Sound: John Hanson Roegner
Actors: Christos Dimas, Kathryn Trask, Birdie-Bob Watt, Paul Gerrior, Maurita Dunphy
Production: Fantasia Ltd,
Producer/Producers: Thanos Anastopoulos, Stella Theodoraki
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 1999
Duration: 23΄
Contact: Christos Dimas,
Awards/Distinctions: 2nd Best Film, Award of the Film Critics - Short Film Festival in Drama 1999, Distinction by the GFC, Best Short Film - Ministry of Culture State Quality Awards 1999, Best Short Film - Film Festival of Milwaukee 1999

The director's four awarded shorts were later released as an anthology under the title Four. This screening during the Festival will also be screened in this format.