A father offers his seven-year-old boy to a shepherd as a helper, in exchange for food and other goods. The child is nameless, deprived of any form of identity, and reduced to a sheer commodity – merely a part of a brutal bargain. On his first day of work, the boy loses a sheep and is fiercely beaten by the shepherd. After a white night spent in the barn that serves as a bedroom, the boy goes out on a desperate search for the missing sheep. A harsh and unrefined coming-of-age story set in present-day Romania.

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Direction: Anghel Damian
Script: Anghel Damian
Cinematography: George Dăscalescu
Editing: Ciprian Cimpoi
Sound: Dan-Stefan Rucăreanu, Ioan Filip
Music: Matei Vasilache
Actors: Răzvan Cristian Tomuș, Adrian Titieni, Costel Cașcaval
Production: Aparte Film
Producer/Producers: Anca Damian, Anghel Damian
Co-production: Michelangelo Films
Art Direction: Mădălina Marinescu
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Romania
Production Year: 2019
Duration: 23΄
Contact: Επικοινωνία/Contact Aparte Film,
Awards/Distinctions: Special Mention – Transilvania International Film Festival 201