Love Αffair, or the Case of the Missing Switchboard Operator

Ljubavni slučaj ili tragedija službenice P.T.T.

A rigid indictment on a totalitarian system that suppresses desires and the thirst for life, as well as a feminist call to arms against longstanding oppression, Makavejev’s second feature film stirred a scandal on account of its raw portrayal of female sexuality. Exploring the borderline between fiction and (pseudo)documentary, Makavejev crafts a set of conflicting poles: love scenes are juxtaposed against an autopsy, a playful serving of pastry is followed by rat-catchers while on duty. The overall effect is grotesque yet tender, culminating in a brave cry for freedom.
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Direction: Dušan Makavejev
Script: Dušan Makavejev
Cinematography: Aleksandar Petković
Editing: Katarina Stojanović
Music: Dušan Aleksić
Actors: Eva Ras, Slobodan Aligrudić, Ružica Sokić, Miodrag Andrić, Dr. Živojin Aleksić, Dr. Alexsandar Kostic
Production: Avala Film
Producer/Producers: Aleksander Krstić
Art Direction: Vladislav Lasić
Format: 35mm
Color: B&W
Production Country: Yugoslavia
Production Year: 1967
Duration: 68΄
Contact: British Film Institute,