Man Is Not a Bird

Čovek nije tica

An ingenious portrait of the love lives of two far-from-heroic workers in a copper factory, Makavejev’s splendid debut bravely overrides the rules imposed by the socialist realism canon. The film chooses to focus on the individual rather than the collective, implying the inherent divisions even within the core of the working class and meticulously deconstructing the role model of the infallible socialist man. Before shooting began, Makavejev spent a month in the town of Bor, interviewing local workers, factory heads and union leaders, using this documentary-like groundwork as a launching pad for brilliant narrative and fictional experimentation.

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Direction: Dušan Makavejev
Script: Dušan Makavejev
Cinematography: Aleksander Petković, Branko Perak
Editing: Ljubica Nešić
Music: Petar Bergamo
Actors: Milena Dravić, Janez Vrhovec, Eva Ras, Stole Aranđelović, Boris Dvornik, Roko Ćirković
Production: Avala Film
Producer/Producers: Dušan Perković
Art Direction: Dragoljub Ivkov
Format: 35mm
Color: B&W
Production Country: Yugoslavia
Production Year: 1965
Duration: 78΄
Contact: British Film Institute,
Awards/Distinctions: Best Actor – Pula FF of Yugoslavian Films