Montenegro – Or Pigs and Pearls

Montenegro eller Pärlor och svin

Marilyn Jordan is a depressed American housewife who lives in Stockholm, married to a rich Swedish businessman, with two seemingly impeccable children. Her provocative and socially awkward behavior, frequently bordering with madness, is a futile attempt to spice up a boring everyday life. While hooking up with a group of Yugoslavian immigrants, she indulges in a surreal world of forbidden pleasures, but her escape is doomed to end in deadpan violence. A wicked black comedy of manners, that oscillates between the playfully odd and the utterly disturbing.
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Direction: Dušan Makavejev
Script: Dušan Makavejev, Branko Vučićević, Donald Arthur
Cinematography: Tomislav Pinter
Editing: Sylvia Ingemarsson
Music: Kornell Kovach
Actors: Susan Anspach, Erland Josephson, Marianna Jacobi, Jamie Marsh, John Zacharias, Bora Todorović, Per Oscarsson, Svetozar Cvetković
Production: Viking Film Europa, Film Smart, Egg Pictures
Producer/Producers: Christer Abrahamsen, Bo Jonsson, Djordje Zečević
Costumes: Inger Pehrsson
Make Up: Kjell Gustavsson
Format: 35mm
Color: Color
Production Country: Sweden, UK
Production Year: 1981
Duration: 96΄
Contact: Swedish Film Institute,
Awards/Distinctions: Audience Award – São Paulo IFF 1981