The Mysteries

The Mysteries

In my film I suggest that there is no greater mystery than that of the protagonists. War and Love are simply equated for what they are; the aftermath is inevitable, and a normal human condition, for which – like the ancients – one can only have pity and understanding. In this lies the mystery. All else is irrelevant. That there are other subcurrents of equal power in The Mysteries goes without saying; and those who are capable of the numerous visual visitations and annunciations which the film offers will realise what is the Ultimate Mystery of my work. (Gregory Markopoulos)
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Direction: Gregory J. Markopoulos
Music: Hugo Wolf
Actors: Friedhelm Krey
Format: 16mm
Color: Color
Production Country: USA
Production Year: 1968
Duration: 80΄

Gregory J. Markopoulos

Born in Ohio in 1928 to Greek immigrant parents, experimental filmmaker Gregory Markopoulos began making 8mm films at the age of 12. In 1967 he left the United States for permanent residence in Europe. Gradually, Markopoulos ensconced in self-exile, withdrawing his films from circulation and refusing to give any interviews. While he continued to make films, his work went largely unseen for almost 30 years.


1949 Christmas U.S.A. (short)
1963 Twice a Man
1966 Ming Green (short)
1967 The Illiac Passion
1967 Bliss (short)
1968 The Mysteries
1975 Portrait of Gilbert & George (aka Gibralta) (short)