Ivana the Terrible

Ivana cea Groaznică

Ivana, a Bucharest-based actress facing emotional distress, decides to spend summer holidays in her native town, situated in the opposite bank of the Danube. Already on the verge of a nervous breakdown, she is about to dive into troubled waters, when accepting an unexpected offer to become the central figure at a local festival. As her love life becomes the small community’s top-gossip, Ivana is driven way past her breaking point, experiencing estrangement and alienation in both sides of the borderline. A re-enactment of a real-life personal crisis suffered by director Ivana Mladenović, which contemplates on the disheartening gap between expectations and reality.

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Direction: Ivana Mladenović
Script: Ivana Mladenović, Adrian Schiop
Cinematography: Carmen Tofeni
Editing: Patricia Chelaru, Cătălin Cristuțiu
Sound: Alexandru Dumitru
Actors: Ivana Mladenović, Gordana Mladenović, Luka Gramic, Miodrag Mladenović, Kosta Mladenović, Zivka Sorejević, Andrei Dinescu, Anca Pop
Production: ΜicroFilm, Dunav 84
Producer/Producers: Ada Solomon, Ivana Mladenović
Costumes: Iulia Popescu
Sets: Radmila Simić, Rada Dronjak, Gordana Mladenović
Make Up: Iulia Popescu, Dejana Petrucić
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Romania, Serbia
Production Year: 2019
Duration: 89´
Contact: Syndicado Film Sales, admin@syndicado.com
Awards/Distinctions: Special Jury Prize (Filmmakers of the Present) – Locarno IFF 2019