Should the Wind Drop

Si le vent tombe

Alain, a French technocrat, is assigned to study the feasibility of reopening the airport of Nagorno-Karabakh, a disputed area between Armenia and Azerbaijan. In this surreal, fragmented world of an airport without planes and a state deprived of international legitimacy, any official set of regulations is too inept to tackle this absurd reality. A story of utter disorientation and lurking chaos that has become alarmingly timely over the last months, featuring the immense void in between two unbridgeable worlds.

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Direction: Nora Martirosyan
Script: Nora Martirosyan, Emmanuelle Pagano, Olivier Torres, Guillaume André
Cinematography: Simon Roca
Editing: Nora Martirosyan, Yorgos Lamprinos
Sound: Anne Dupouy
Music: Pierre-Yves Cruaud
Actors: Grégoire Colin, Hayk Bakhryan
Production: SISTER Productions, Aneva Production, Kwassa Films
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: France, Armenia, Belgium
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 100΄
Contact: Clement Chautant: