Rural eastern Bulgaria, in a remote village near the Turkish border that seems to be living outside the norms of time. Petar, a man who has long achieved a sense of inner peace and self-knowledge, marches towards his destiny with no regrets. Divided into three chapters that reflect three landmark periods in Petar’s life (childhood, adulthood, old age), this elegiac journey immerses us into the indiscernible powers that govern life’s predetermined, yet always unpredictable, pathway.

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Direction: Kamen Kalev
Script: Kamen Kalev
Cinematography: Ivan Chertov
Editing: Kamen Kalev
Sound: Pierre-Yves Lavoué
Music: Petar Dundakov
Actors: Lachezar Dimitrov, Kolyo Dobrev, Ivan Nalbantov, Christo Dimitrov, Milko Lazarov, Alexia Georgieva, Necho Kostov
Production: Waterfront, Koro Films
Producer/Producers: Filip Todorov, Kamen Kalev
Co-producer/Co-producers: Diane Jassem, Céline Chapdaniel
Sets: Ivelina Mineva
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Bulgaria, France
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 125΄
Contact: MEMENTO FILMS Gaelle Palluel gaelle@memento-films.com