Greek premiere

Xhafer, a Kosovo-born 45-year-old pharmaceutical engineer, lives and works in Germany. His concern over the hints of racial discrimination by his colleagues soon turns into panic, as he finds a dead rat hanging from his home entrance. As he grows suspicious of everyone and everything around him, the thin line between reality and imagination keeps blurring day by day. A somber and surreal thriller that explores the notions of identity and expatriation, delving into the abyss of paranoia.

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Direction: Visar Morina
Script: Visar Morina
Cinematography: Matteo Cocco
Editing: Laura Lauzemis, Hansjörg Weißbrich, Visar Morina
Sound: Kai Tebbel
Music: Benedikt Schiefer
Actors: Mišel Matičević, Sandra Hüller, Rainer Bock, Thomas Mraz, Flonja Kodheli
Production: Komplizen Film
Producers: Janine Jackowski, Jonas Dornbach, Maren Ade
Co-production: Frakas Productions, Ikonë Studio, WDR, ARTE, VOO, BeTV
Co-producers: Jean-Yves Roubin, Cassandre Warnauts, Yll Uka, Valon Bajgora
Sets: Christian Goldbeck
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Germany, Belgium, Kosovo
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 121΄
Distribution in Greece: One from the heart
Contact: The Match Factory
Awards/Distinctions: Heart of Sarajevo for Best Film, Cineuropa Award – Sarajevo IFF 2020, Taiwan Film Critics Society Award – Taipei Film Festival

Visar Morina

Visar Morina is a Kosovo-born director, who lives and works in Germany. His debut short, Death by Suffocation, was awarded at several national and international festivals, while his sophomore short, Of Dogs and Wall Paper, was screened at the Locarno Film Festival. His debut feature, Babai, earned him the Best Director Award at the Karlovy Vary Festival.


2010 Death By Suffocation (short)
2013 Of Dogs And Wallpaper (short)
2015 Babai
2020 Exile